Founded by the Romans in the II century B.C. as the Forum Livii at the crossroad of Via Consolare with the road that led to Tuscany, the city is in the eastern part of the Po Valley along the Via Aemilia, a few kilometres from the seaside resorts of the Adriatic coast and at the foot of the green hills of the Tuscan-Romagna Apennines. Today Forlì still has significant traces of the Romanesque and the Renaissance times, although it mainly retains a notable presence of the rich heritage of the age of Rationalism from the twenties and thirties.

    It is a city of art with a major university that offers prestigious courses and a brand-new campus. Forlì is also renowned for its excellent museum complex, San Domenico, where internationally recognized artists and exhibits draw visitors from all over the country.

    How to reach Forlì